• program compiled in recent Lazarus version
  • propagation indices added
  • user definable digital modes added (in Preferences -> Modes tab)
  • program shows new QSOs confirmed by LoTW after import
  • SQL console added (with export to CSV and HMTL), now you can do with QSOs whatever you want
  • callsign attachments - you can add almost everything corrensponding to the call in log to a directory named by call and show it from logging program. You can display any picture, text or even PDF file related to the callsign
  • QSL attachments - an image of the QSL card can be added and displayed
  • QSL sent and QSL received date added
  • 33CM band support added
  • time checking function for ADIF tags <TIME_ON> <TIME_OFF> fixed
  • loading StopBits and Databits parameters didn't work - fixed


Download here.


  • library libstdc++5 included into program installation
  • after saving QSO station appears in bandmap (it must be set in Preferences)
  • name is now capitalized also when you enter the 'Name' field
  • option 'Refresh Data after Save QSO' didn't work - fixed
  • if a non-default profile selected, after saving a QSO the profile turned to default - fixed
  • access violation after clicking to 'New QSO' in QSO list window and pressing ESC - fixed
  • autobackup didn't save last QSO - fixed
  • if 'Show only QSO since XX' enabled, autobackup saved only these QSOs - fixed


Download here.


  • sorting by call,qsl_via,dxcc_ref and call,dxcc_ref added
  • yellow dot in graline window pointed to your QTH (according to your own locator)
  • new QSO window resizeable (good for Asus EE users)
  • problem caused by QRZ.COM randomly generated bogus strings fixed
  • a few speed improvements
  • sometimes program freezed when closing bandmap - fixed

Download here.


  • when band map window is focused, bandmap is not automatically updated
  • sometimes program hangs when closing - fixed
  • without TRX program causes abnormally high CPU load - fixed
  • for all QSO from fldigi program saves end time the same as start time - fixed
  • two radio operating fixed


Download here ...

Version 0.8.0 News:

  • program compiled in recent version of Lazarus
  • sunrise/sunset calculation added
  • continent field added
  • new qsl managers database support
  • WAC statistic added
  • WAS statistic added
  • summary to WAZ, ITU, WAC and WAS statistics added
  • WAZ, ITU, WAC and WAS statistics can be generated for specific mode and profiles
  • station list of confirmed contacts for WAZ, ITU, WAC and WAS added
  • communication with fldigi added (you can switch CQRLOG to remote mode and it will receive and store qso from fldigi after saving)
  • if log enters to remote mode, it could run fldigi (it must be set in Preferences)
  • auto insert QSL manager from internal qsl managers database added
  • auto backup on program exit added
  • new splash screen
  • user defined default font color for xplanet spots added
  • details panel into QSO list window added (shows comment for QSO, award, lotw_qslsdate and lotw_qsrdate fields)
  • much better qsl_via resolution for data from QRZ.COM
  • State and County field auto filled from QRZ.COM
  • a few QTH Profiles window improvements
  • switching between radios with CTRL+1 for radion one, CTRL+2 for radio two (in New QSO window)
  • filter in bandmap according to dxcc country didn't work
  • two radio operating fixed

You can download this version from CQRLOG webstite.


  • program using now Firebird 2.1.1
  • Preferences window improved
  • frequencies for button in TRX window can be user defined
  • sorting by DXCC country added
  • TRX control rewritten ( no longer needed)
  • cwdaemon and WinKeyer support added
  • 5 and 220 MHz band support added
  • profile support improved (changing profile number, adif import fixed)
  • JT6M, JT65, JT65A, JT65B, JT65C, FSK441, WSPR modes added
  • sorting by dxcc+callsign added
  • a few ADIF import improvements
  • search fixed
  • editing own locator with group edit changed QSO locator



-  complete LoTW support added, changes in DXCC, WAZ, ITU, IOTA  statistics possible

-  import QSOs from ADIF file downloaded from LoTW web site or automatic  download from ARRL LoTW

-  ADIF export for QSO signing or automated export, signing and upload  QSOs to LoTW web site

-  group editing added

-  you can mark more QSO with CTRL+Left mouse and delete/edit, mark   QSL_S, QSL_R

-  spots from DX Cluster could have the same color in the band map 

-  new icons 

-  in New QSO window, you can see and view/edit latest QSOs 

-  after ADIF import in State field number appears 

-  after ADIF import RST received were also in RST sent

-  MM stations didn't go to the band map

-  after QTH profile change, own locator didn't change 

Download from:

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