-  complete LoTW support added, changes in DXCC, WAZ, ITU, IOTA  statistics possible

-  import QSOs from ADIF file downloaded from LoTW web site or automatic  download from ARRL LoTW

-  ADIF export for QSO signing or automated export, signing and upload  QSOs to LoTW web site

-  group editing added

-  you can mark more QSO with CTRL+Left mouse and delete/edit, mark   QSL_S, QSL_R

-  spots from DX Cluster could have the same color in the band map 

-  new icons 

-  in New QSO window, you can see and view/edit latest QSOs 

-  after ADIF import in State field number appears 

-  after ADIF import RST received were also in RST sent

-  MM stations didn't go to the band map

-  after QTH profile change, own locator didn't change 

Download from: http://cqrlog.sourceforge.net

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