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After a few weeks, we have a new release! This version contains mostly bug fixes but there are also some new features. The most important fix is the workaround for ADIF import bug in the recent Free Pascal compiler. Debian packages for Ubuntu 18.04, 20.04, 20.10, and 21.04 are building on Launchapd. For Ubuntu 18.04 there is also i386 version, never Ubuntu version have only amd64 and arm64 packages. The complete changelog in available in Download section

After a really long time, we have a new version. Packages for Bionic, Focal, and Groovy are ready to go. For the first time, there is also an official arm64 release. Look at Launchpad CQRLOG repository.

Most changes are done by Saku, OH1KH, and others. Thanks a lot! I added only a few small fixes. Next version I'd like to focus on code cleanup and other small improvements. CQRLOG has many features and it's getting too complicated. I'd like to have an application that will be easy to use.

I spent the whole Saturday trying to create CQRLOG deb packages. It's a real nightmare. I can't spend a whole day creating and testing packages. Do you know anyone who could help us to create Flatpak, Snap and/or Appimage? It would be great to create a new CQRLOG release automatically or only with a few manual steps.

With this new version, CQRLOG has MariaDB as a dependency. I left MySQL because it was really hard to get it to work with data located in the home directory.

You can download the new version and look at the complete changelog in Download section.

After two months we have new version! There are no big changes in the code, only two new features and a few bugs fixed. We also have the cqrlog icon back! DEB packages for Ubuntu Trusty, Xenial, Yakkety and Zesty are ready on Launchpad. If you are using my personal PPA, new version will be part of system updates.
More information in Download section.

Petr-OK2CQRIn this episode, we have a great interview with Linux software developer and ham radio enthusiast from the Czeck Republic, Petr Hlozek – OK2CQR. He is the author of CQRlog and HamQTH.com. Unfortunately, Petr’s audio was a little hot and nothing we could do made it better. Our sincerest apologies. Sound problems aside, we hope you enjoy this fascinating look into the life and mind of an Open Source ham.

73 de The LHS Guys



I wanted to release new version after 17th of April but ARRL has changed addresses and autorization to LoTW. This is very important feature and I decided to release new version sooner. Changelog is quite long and includes a few nice features. Packages on Lauchpad are already created, CQRLOG should be available in distribution updates very soon.


  • F keys to CW type window added
  • address to RBN server can be changed in Preferences
  • full date (not only year,month) is supported in membership files
  • Close the "Status of log upload" window after successful upload added
  • moved to new LoTW url and updated upload routines
  • band button description is editable (Preferences -> TRX control -> Change default frequencies)
  • 6W/MM0NDX was marked as unknown country instead of Senegal - fixed
  • after View QSO and CTRL+F2 fields was still read-only - fixed
  • QSL information was added to Commend to QSO even if it already exists
  • '+' character is now allowed in any field in New QSO window
  • log could not recover from a wrong upload of updated QSO - fixed
  • '+' as hotkey to add to bandmap function removed, use CTRL+A instead
  • any result from ClubLog with 'Skipping QSO' won't stop uploading of the log


More in Download section ...


  • after hitting ESC in any window opened from NewQSO, cursor will be returned to callsign edit field
  • frequency in New QSO and QSO list wondow is formated to 0.0000
  • added Help -> Keys and shortcut to menu in QSO window


  • RBN integration into GrayLine showed CW speed instead of signal strench - fixed
  • DXCC entity window didn't show when compiled in Debian Sid and Ubuntu 13.10 - fixed
  • when CQRLOG was run for the first time, two mysqld proccesses opened the same database - fixed
  • upload to ClubLog didn't work after enter QSO and delete - fixed (big thanks to Pawel, SQ5LTL)
  • TRX control window's layout was broken with some font sizes - fixed

Download from http://www.cqrlog.com/download

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