Last three days were amazing! The propagation was really good and I made three new countries - E6, T2 and 3D2KM. Especially operators of the E6GG did very good job. Almost no QRM on their freq, no cops and excellent operating. I made QSO in last two days of the expedition. Thank you! Also T2GC expedition has very good ears but especially on 40M when I heard the noise created by some EU stations, I couldn't be polite. Even my wife asked me what is happening, because I used rude words to describe what I hear.  What makes me happy is Z21MG expedition by David, OK6DJ and others. Good work guys!

FOCUS Issue 100 To celebrate 25 years of the FOC's in-house magazine FOCUS, the 100th edition of which will be published on 1 January 2015, FOC members will be calling "CQ FOC25."  Points will be earned, by members and non-members, for working FOC officers, FOCUS editors and any FOC members.  A certificate will be issued to everyone who achieves 100 points.

To commemorate our 75th anniversary in May FOC is holding a month-long on-air event featuring at least 45 special FOC-suffix calls.  These will include GB75FOC, a special anniversary call for our club station.  (GC4FOC will be used when operating from Wales, GN4FOC from Northern Ireland, GP4FOC from Guernsey, GS4FOC from Scotland, and GT4FOC from Isle of Man).  A list of who is on the key of each special UK call each day can be found here. There will be many other FOC calls on the air all month from outside the UK, including some exotic locations such as 4X, 5B, 5T, 7Q, A6, HZ, KH6, V3 and VQ9.


2012 is the 75th anniversary of the ARRL’s DXCC Award--the world’s preeminent DXing award continues to be DXCC, so reaching the “Diamond milestone” is an event that we all want to celebrate. Going back to the roots of the award, and specifically reading the 1937 DXCC List (January, 1937 QST pages 52-3), we can learn what countries were counted at the onset led us to create the Diamond DXCC Challenge.

More at ARRL website

FOC is pleased to present the FOC QSO Party. This event is open to all radio amateurs world-wide. Its aim is to encourage the use of, and excellence in, Morse code. The FOC QSO Party is not a contest but an activity day in memory of Bill Windle, a past Chairman of FOC who was very keen that we should all be as active as possible on the bands.

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