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After two years as OK7AN I dediced to return to the old callsgin. The new one was good, quite short but I could not get used to it, maybe because I had been using OK2CQR for over 20 years. The decision was made, from 1st of May 2019 I returned to the air with OK2CQR. 

I was part of the 15M CW team in IARU HF Championship. The contest started at 1200 UTC and first 40 minutes was great but I had to leave the station because of horrible headaches. I had to spend the rest of Saturday in bed and returned to the radio at Sunday 0500am and left it after the end of the contest. The propagation was really bad, we made over 1400 QSO.  I gave 161 to all FOC members after the QSO. There are a few photos from the contest.  

Today I got my licence for 60M. If you want to make a QSO, please send me an email. I can work on these frequencies:

CW: 5227.5, 5290.0, 5299.5, 5314.5, 5332.0, 5334.5, 5363.5, 5368.0, 5373.0, 5396.5, 5400.0, 5405.0

Rig will be TS-590SG with sloper for 80M tuned with LDG Z-100 autotuner. See you on the air!

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