Today celebrates two years anniversary with good health and growing number of users.

What was the most important news last year? We moved to new and much faster server with 28 GB of RAM, 4x1TB disk connected to RAID 10. Forum has been added, now is not visited so often but hopefully, it will get better in the future. UI was improved as well. Lots of changes were made to developers interface. Application developers can use DX cluster feed, dxcc callsign search, upload QSO in real time etc.

Recent news:

  • Simple award verification protokol added (more in developers section)
  • Feedback button added
  • a few small bug fixed statistics:

  • 527,346 visitors
  • 4,080,887 page views
  • 15,965 registered users
  • 11,137,898 QSO in the log from 1,650 different callsigns
  • 13,240,055 queries to XML search

It won't be possible without your support. Please upload your images to HamQTH, tell your friends about it and use it every day. If you like, please consider small donation and/or put our banner to your home page.

73 Petr, OK2CQR owner

Thanks to your donations, I could buy much better server. Now HamQTH VPS (virtual private server) has 3GB RAM and 90GB HDD. The old server has only 1GB RAM. I did tons of optimization but last few months the server was overloaded most of the time.

I'm going to move HamQTH to new server tomorrow (2012-09-12) early morning local time (around 02:00 UTC). It will be offline for 30 minutes or so. I already tried to move whole database (almost 4GB),users data (over 15 000 files), small programs which are running on background like ADIF import, FCC daily transaction import, DXCC XML search, utility that collects spots from RBN and DX cluster, another utility that reads spots directly from DX spider data files and do some statistics (DXCC, LoTW, eQSL) before stores it into database. Also tried to move scripts like auto backup, download eQSL, LoTW and DXCC tables etc. It worked quite well but I had to do some tweaks because new server is running on Ubuntu 12.04 server with MySQL 5.5. Older server has Ubuntu 10.04 with MySQL 5.1 installed.

I must say, new sever is far faster than the old one. I did some tests and it's excellent. From 3GB of memory I gave 1.8GB only to MySQL to cache indexes and data. So please fingers cross. I'll need that. 

I would like to thank you for donations. Without them, it wouldn't be possible to buy this new server. Now I can add more new functions because I won't be limited with 1GB of RAM. Thank you!!


New version of is online!


  • last 5 uploaded logs are stored and available for download - another backup for your QSO
  • IOTA and POWER fields added to logsearch
  • new log upload page for logging software developers created, more in developers section
  • a few layout improvements
  • developers section improved
  • uploading images improved
  • a few bugs fixed 


It seems that HamQTH server needs upgrade which costs $300. I already have $180 and need $120. It would be great if you could make small donation. Thank you!

What happened during our first year? How was HamQTH improved?

Information about new free ham radio call book was published on 29 of June 2011. After that, I got a lot of databases from users, who like the idea of HamQTH, and imported it. Thank to them, the database had more than 1 300 000 call signs.  A month or so later, I created XML access for logging programs. First log, that used it was DFHLog from Jesus, EA7DFH. He was faster than me! After DHFLog, XML search supported also CQRLOG. Not so many programs, but it was the beginning.

I'd like to inform you about news at - Free hamradio callbook database. News:

  • added CONDX prediction tab where you see the best time and band to contact searched station, this is possible thanks to VOACAP online
  • into edit profile page WAZ, ITU, UTC offset, latitude, longitude and continent fields added (some of them are filled automatically when you save it)
  • you can choose if the map should use latitude/longitude to point you location or calculate it from you address
  • UTC offset, latitude, longitude and continent fields added also to XML interface
  • a few optimization to speed up XML search
  • your own profile editing improved
  • new page especially for translators created (
  • translations updated
  • thanks to Fuco, EC1DR HamQTH was translated into Galician
  • fixed annoying bug when google didn't find location according to the address

More at

It seems that become more and more popular. Yesterday I found out that my profile at qrz com has been deleted. It was without any warning or email notice. I'm just deleted :-). No problem, you find me at Please be aware of, if you do something what they don't like, you'll be deleted without any warning! Use, which is free callbook available for everyone!

FOC is pleased to present the FOC QSO Party. This event is open to all radio amateurs world-wide. Its aim is to encourage the use of, and excellence in, Morse code. The FOC QSO Party is not a contest but an activity day in memory of Bill Windle, a past Chairman of FOC who was very keen that we should all be as active as possible on the bands. More at FOC home page ...