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I had been using GP8 for a long time. Last year I had to take the vertical down because of roof repairs. It's in a good shape but sometimes after heavy rain, there is a problem with SWR on some bands. Maybe some of the traps are not completely waterproof after all the years. Last year in the middle of July I wrote an email to Waldek SP7GXP if he can send me the new vertical by post service. He wrote me, that they will have a new version of the GP7DX vertical in September and I have to wait.

I had to put down my multiband vertical because of roof planed roof repair. I've been using it for 14 years and it worked fine. Last years there were some problems with SWR but nothing what I could not fix. It should takes about three months and I'll put it back. New place should be even better, antenna will have new holder and will be higher. Now it was about 25m above the ground and on new holder, it will be around 28m up. 

The PA L-4B is back in the OK1KMG's  hamshack. I made over 5000 QSO using this PA. Now back to low power category :(.

Today I celebrated my 30th birthday. My wife, Misa, baked me very nice cake. It looked like front panel of my transceiver TS-930 SAT. I got two very nice books one is about psychology of men in battle – Acts of War. The behavior of Men in Battle from Richard Holmes, and the second is Flashback from Dan Simmons. I'm looking forward to read it. But I got another gift. I was really surprised.

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