The PA L-4B is back in the OK1KMG's  hamshack. I made over 5000 QSO using this PA. Now back to low power category :(.

Today I celebrated my 30th birthday. My wife, Misa, baked me very nice cake. It looked like front panel of my transceiver TS-930 SAT. I got two very nice books one is about psychology of men in battle – Acts of War. The behavior of Men in Battle from Richard Holmes, and the second is Flashback from Dan Simmons. I'm looking forward to read it. But I got another gift. I was really surprised.

Last week I got package with famous Mercury paddle from Bencher. Original author of this paddle is Steven Nurkiewicz, N2DAN. After his dead the rights were sold to Bencher and they serial numbers start at 1000. My paddle has s/n 1200.

Steven's life is very interesting. On 22th of March 1981 was published his life story in Parade magazine which was distributed with many large metropolitan newspapers e.g. Atlanta Journal and The Chicago Tribune. The story was "How a son found his parents after 40 years".

V Linuxu používám na klíčování cwdaemon přes paralelní port, pastičku mám připojenou k elektronickému klíči podle OK2TEJ. Bohužel při vyšších rychlostech (nad 30WPM) a při použití běžného linuxového jádra, se u cwdaemonuprojevuje "koktání" (čárky a mezery různé délky v závislosti na zatížení systému).

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